Using laptops reduces male fertility:laptops causes constant harm to testicles

According to a latest research individuals who use to work in their laptops by keeping it on their laps can suffer from hazardous loss of  fertility as laptops or computers raises scrotal heat to such a extend that causes fertility problems.

Evidently,the temperature caused by the laptops may cause unalterable harm to the testicles and sperm.Researchers are Advising that laptops use should be reduced as fast as possible.

It has been proved that higher the use of laptops higher will be the fertility reduction and damage of sperms.Most common reasons till now for the sperm reduction is the use of drugs,smoking,alcohol or obesity but apart from this radioactive materials , chemicals and your laptops  are also responsible for this.

So,the male laptop users who want to have children should stop working in laptops placing it on their laps.Teenagers should also be advised not to play games or watch movies in this posture and should avoid loosing their fertility.Proper breaks should be taken while working on laptops and it is advisable to take certain refreshment activities in between your working time.





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