Youth prefer yoga over gym

Yoga is becoming famous among people especially youngsters now a days.People prefer yoga over gym or any other aerobic classes.Yoga is a cheaper way to keep the body fit and away from all types of diseases.

A yoga expert Dr.Anju Sand also says that Yoga is becoming a GenNext symbol in a big way.Most of the students who attend the yoga classes are youngsters.The change in eating habits and lifestyle is increasing many problems like depression and other health related issues..

In this situation the ancient techniques like different asanas and pranayam are very helpful to cope up with these problems.Gyming can only help reducing weight but actually do not  help out the main stress problems.Meditation is a very important part of yoga that not only calm mind but also helps in De-stressing.

Yoga exercises are very helpful in managing the health related problems in girls like irregular menstrual cycles caused due to wrong eating habits, consumption of soft drinks, fast food etc.

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